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"Connecting those who serve the community, with those who can reach them"
Nearly 30-years' experience in television news, production companies and freelance writing/producing. Write/Produce            corporate videos, documentaries, profiles and commercials.  Specializing in media consulting, IDENTIFYING newsworthy    stories, pitching stories and proven ability generating action from target audiences. Developed a special interest working with non-profits and local businesses and look forward to working with you!
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Media Consulting
Starting $65 hr

 Identifying news stories, where you live, work and worship

 How to create customer loyalty through a news story

 The elements every news story should include

 Why the news media needs you!

 How to get Coverage when the News Crews Cancel!

 When to send a press release and how to write it

 How to plan your events with news coverage in mind

 Planning session over upcoming events or ideas

 How to become an expert for a news story

 How to shoot your own event and pitch to the media

 How to equip your employees to do it!
  And more....

Write Press Releases/Proofread
Starting $25

Copy Editing  -  Web/Promo
Starting $25

Produce Mini-News Stories for Social Media
Starting $55

Starting $250
Onsite direction at your event, making sure you are providing news crews great video for their stories.

$35 hour/Flat rate varies on size of project
Write and produce corporate videos

 "How to Get Television News Coverage.  
It's Easier Than You Might Think!"

Get stories about your business, nonprofit, organization, agency, church, medical office and more.  The benefits!

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How to Get Television News Coverage.  It's Easier Than You Might Think!

Series Introduction  
How to generate News Stories about your business, 
non-profit, medical office, organization, church and more. 

The Benefits!

Multiple times & Dates!

Series 1
The Elements - The Big Question

Series 2
Create Customer/Community Loyalty - Service Stories

Series 3
News is NOT public relations - Coverage Possibilities

Series 4
Sobering Truth - Become an Expert in a News Story

Series 5
Coverage without Camera Crews - Press Releases

Entire Series 1-5
How to Get Television News Coverage
It's Easier Than You Might Think!

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